Paul Scheer Has Put ‘NTSF’ on Hiatus; Is Developing New Shows at Adult Swim, HBO

Paul Scheer did an interview with Yahoo out today, in which he gave updates on his various TV projects. First, he’s decided to put his Adult Swim crime procedural comedy NTSF:SD:SUV, which wrapped its third season in December, on hiatus indefinitely. Scheer said:

We took a break on NTSF this season… I felt like it was a good run. It was super fun: We did 38 episodes and we finished up in London, and I was super psyched about that. And now I wanted to try something different … We may revisit NTSF, but right now it’s just kind of… it’s not over, but I have no plans to do anything with it right now. I get tired of doing things for too long … When I was sitting down to write a new season, I was like, “I don’t know if I’ve got anything right now. Let me explore something else, and if I get inspired later on…” And that’s the cool thing about Adult Swim — they’re like, “Yeah, if you have an idea later, come back and do it.” Tim & Eric have done that… I want to just keep on doing that in my career, not get too pigeonholed into one thing. I think you lose that passion for things after a while.

Scheer added that he has two new shows in development, one at HBO and another at Adult Swim. The Adult Swim project is an animated series that Scheer describes as being “kind of like a throwback to G.I. Joe, but it’s like, ‘What would Cobra be doing now?’ They’re bankrupt and trying to make a go in this new world where villains aren’t necessarily needed.” Here’s Scheer talking about the HBO project:

I’m working on a show for HBO… it’s a documentary-comedy series. I don’t think I can tell you the premise just yet, but it’s really cool and it’s with the same team that we did NTSF and Childrens Hospital and Burning Love with… the same kind of group of people. The cool thing is there’s something built into it where the cast would definitely rotate, so it would feel fresh every season if we get to make the pilot of it, which would be really fun. I guess, without giving away too much, it’s kind of like a True Detective-esque anthology series. I’m super, super excited about it.
Paul Scheer Has Put ‘NTSF’ on Hiatus; Is Developing […]