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Game of Thrones Reminded Us That the Bathroom Can Be a Dangerous Place

Spoilers ahead — don’t read if you haven’t seen the season-four finale of Game of Thrones.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 250,000 Americans get injured in bathrooms every year. If last night’s big death on the Game of Thrones season finale is any evidence, bathrooms aren’t a whole lot safer in Westeros. That memorable scene was part of a long filmed tradition of toilet terminations and bathroom beatdowns, and we combed through the history of film and television to find the best scenes of death and destruction in restroom settings, then set the whole thing to one of the greatest privy-themed songs ever written. (There is, of course, a spoiler in this video, as well as a number of soilers.)

Watch a GoT-Inspired Dangerous Bathroom Supercut