Watch This Supercut of Every Vagina Reference on Orange Is the New Black

One consequence of a male-dominated entertainment landscape is TV’s endless stream of dick jokes. Not even just jokes — we have to suffer through male characters talking about their dicks, female characters making fun of dudes’ dicks, dudes getting hit in the penis … it’s exhausting. So thank the goddess for Orange Is the New Black, which boldly goes where few dramas have gone before: into the world of vaginas. The acclaimed Netflix series returns this weekend, and with it, we’ll get a bevy of chatter about lady parts. As a salute to OITNB, we put together a supercut of every single time a character — male or female — says “vagina,” “pussy,” or any other euphemism for the main female sex organ. Try not to blush.

Supercut: Every Vagina Reference on OITNB