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Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Notebook?

Photo: Emily Bennett-Coles

Surprise! Today is the tenth anniversary of The Notebook, the Nicholas Sparks book turned film phenomenon that made Ryan Gosling A Thing, inspired countless wedding photos, and made us all wish we were better at letter-writing. Vulture was going to throw a party in honor of this momentous occasion, but then we all started weeping and couldn’t plan anything, so instead we made a quiz. Take it now and discover once and for all: Are you a bird? (Because Vulture is, and always has been, a bird.)

How Well Do You Know The Notebook?

What color is the bathing suit Allie wears during the “I'm a bird” speech?
What does Noah say he wants for breakfast the morning after he and Allie have sex?
What do the nurses call Old Noah?
When did Noah and Allie meet?
And how old was Allie when she met Noah?
How many Teen Choice Awards did The Notebook win?
When Noah and his dad used to watch the lights change, how did they go?
What's the first song Allie and Noah dance to? / What song does Noah hum in the street?
Who sings “I'll Be Seeing You”?
In a deleted scene, what does Old Noah give to his children?
What poem is Noah reading to his dad when Allie finds them?
Why does Noahs dad make him read poetry aloud?
Finish Mr. Hamilton's joke: “This bug goes, 'Daddy, I don’t understand.' He goes, 'Well, in theory, we're both millionaires. But in reality ...'
Where does Noah first see Allie?
What’s the first thing Noah asks Allie?
How much money does Noah make at the lumberyard?
What newspaper does Allie see Noah in?
What is the name of Noah’s fixer-upper house?
And when was it built?
What song does Allie play on the piano before their thwarted sex attempt?
What is the name of the Hamilton's maid?
What color is the car that Allie leaves for Sarah Lawrence in?
How many letters did Noah write to Allie?
What's the name of Noah's postman?
What is the name of Allie and Noah's son?
Where does Allie go to school?
What is the name of Lon’s company?
When Lon proposes to Allie, what color dress is she wearing?
Where does Martha Shaw live?
When Allie meets Noah at a theater for an ambush double-date, what’s playing?
Who stars in Li'l Abner?
What show do Allie and Lon go see?
What is the name of Martha Shaw’s dead husband?
What color are Noah’s eyes?
How many children to Noah and Allie have?
How long does Allie say she waited for Noah?
Which one of these is not one of Old Allie and Old Noah’s nurses?
What is Allie’s “surprise” at the end of the arrows?
Finish this line: “Science only goes so far ...”
Noah is “an arrogant son of a bitch” and Allie is:
What do Old Noah and Old Allie drink together?
What is the name of the book Old Noah is reading to Old Allie?
Who directed The Notebook?
Who is director Nick Cassavetes related to?
Who does Old Allie say has “a pretty name”?
What color does Allie say she wants the shutters on her house to be?
When Allie and Noah first strip for each other, what does Allie take off third?
What reason does Noah give as to why he won’t sell the Windsor Plantation?
What is Old Noah’s doctor’s name?
What did Ryan Gosling say when he and Rachel McAdams accepted the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss?

Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Notebook?