The Only Public Screening of the ‘Chris Gethard Show’ Pilot Will Be for the Winners of a ‘Game of Thrones’-Style Tournament

In January, comedian Chris Gethard shot a pilot of his public access series The Chris Gethard Show for Comedy Central. The network recently passed on the show, but Gethard announced today there will be a one-time only public screening of the pilot, with a catch: you have to win an intense Game of Thrones-themed competition to be able to see it.

For the UCB Theatre’s annual Del Close Marathon this coming weekend, The Chris Gethard Show is doing a Game of Thrones-style show with audience members forming teams and competing in a series of trials. Gethard writes:

“When only one team is left standing, they will be declared the winner of this tournament. The surviving members of that house will be granted our prize – THE WINNERS WILL BE TAKEN TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION AND WILL BE SHOWN THE PILOT TCGS SHOT FOR COMEDY CENTRAL.THIS WILL BE THE ONLY PUBLIC SCREENING OF THE TCGS PILOT WE EVER DO.”

The edition of The Chris Gethard Show will be taking place Friday at 10:30 at the FIT Haft Auditorium.

The Only Public Screening of the ‘Chris Gethard Show’ […]