This Week in Comedy: North Korea Declares War on Comedy

In case you missed it, here’s all the big comedy stuff that happened this week:

-North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un declares Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new comedy, The Interview, an ‘Act of War’. Then they launched three missiles.

-Funny or Die releases the lineup for their second ever Oddball Tour – and it’s amazing.

-FYI: Amazon is taking comedy series submissions again.

-We check out how the legal marijuana industry is helping to elevate Denver’s comedy scene.

-We take a look at Jason Sudeikis’s long and versatile career on Saturday Night Live.

-Even stranger than the Kim Jong-un/Seth Rogen standoff, here comes David Hasselhoff’s very own Curb Your Enthusiasm.

-We examine David Wain’s They Came Together and his style of exuberant parody.

-Comedy Central’s digital wing released their first full-length film, Jason Nash Is Married. We talked with Jason Nash about the process.

-It’s not looking good for a sixth season of Community.

-We talk to Ron Funches about his ‘adorable’ image, Fortune Feimster on her break into stand-up comedy, Carmen Lynch about her unique career path, and long-time Letterman writer Bill Scheft on the Late Show, writing novels vs. writing jokes, and Stephen Colbert.

-Mike Sacks’s Poking a Dead Frog was released this week, and it’s full of amazing comedy interviews.

-We talk to SNL’s James Downey on working with Norm Macdonald and getting fired for making fun of OJ Simpson.

-In preparation for Season Two of Nathan For You, Nathan Fielder has started posting pictures to Instagram. And they all contain the same hidden pornographic image.

-New York indie comedy darling Chris Gethard plans to screen his Comedy Central pilot only for winners of a Game of Thrones-style tournament.

-Paul Scheer has put NTSF on hiatus, and has announced development of new shows at Adult Swim and HBO.

-We recommended the week’s best podcasts, the Twitter feed of @MattMcElaney, and went behind the scenes of web series With Friends Like These with its creators.

And here are your Top Five Web Videos of the Week:

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This Week in Comedy: North Korea Declares War on Comedy