You’ll Want to Watch This Clip of Tilda Swinton Fighting Chris Evans

Faithful reader, it’s time to make a decision: Are you going to be one of those people who sees Snowpiercer for the first time when it’s a cult hit years from now, or are you going to get in on the ground floor this Friday, when the movie comes out in theaters? (This sci-fi stunner is opening against Transformers: Age of Extinction, but for discerning film fans, there’s only one option.) Let us entice you further with a pretty great exclusive clip from the Bong Joon Ho–directed film … but first, some scene-setting.

Snowpiercer takes place on a futuristic train that hurtles around the frozen Earth carrying the only survivors of this post-apocalyptic wasteland, including a band of have-nots in the back of the train (led by Chris Evans) and the comparatively well-to-do folks in the front, who’ve got Tilda Swinton as their mouthpiece and worship the train’s mysterious, unseen inventor, a man named Wilfred. When Evans and his crew decide that the only way to effect a revolution is to fight their way towards the front, it’s up to Swinton to clear her phlegmy throat and give a speech in an attempt to quell their uprising. It doesn’t go so well, as you’ll see in this priceless clip of Swinton’s big confrontation with Evans. Was it something she said?

Tilda Swinton Fights Chris Evans in Snowpiercer