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We Just Saved You 7 Hours With This 3-Minute Recap of the Transformers Movies

You might not think a bunch of movies about robots punching each other would be complicated, but you’d be absolutely wrong! The fourth installment in Michael Bay’s multi-bajillion-dollar Transformers series comes out this weekend, and if you’re heading out to see it, there’s actually a ton of information about the franchise’s continuity and mythos that you need before you walk into the theater. But if you’re too busy to devote nearly seven and a half hours to rewatching the first three movies, don’t worry: We’ve got you. Watch this video, in which we give you everything you need to know about the live-action Transformers story, and you’ll be fully equipped to watch Mark Wahlberg pick up the mantle of series protagonist from Shia LeBeouf. The Matrix of Leadership is yours!

Save 7 Hours With This Recap of Transformers 1-3