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Watch This Supercut of Every Vagina Reference in Orange Is the New Black Season 2

When we put together a supercut of all the vagina references in the first season of Orange Is the New Black, we told ourselves we would revisit the concept for the then-unreleased second season. We had no idea what we were in for. Although the debut season had its fair share of euphemisms and discussions about lady bits, the second season blew it out of the water. We got references not just to the vaginal orifice proper, but medical discussions of all of its component parts! And the euphemisms got way crazier, especially during the so-called “fallopian relay-race” between Nicky and Big Boo. There aren’t any spoilers here, but tread lightly if the female anatomy makes you want to clutch your pearls in shock.

Every Vagina Reference in Orange Is New Black S2