Watch Amy Poehler’s Terrible Date With Ed Helms in They Came Together

Pity the poor romantic comedy heroine, who has to kiss far too many frogs before she finally arrives at her dream man. And so it goes for Amy Poehler, who stars in David Wain’s rom-com spoof They Came Together and is destined to forge a love connection with her sensitive soul mate Paul Rudd … but before that can happen, the laws of rom-coms dictate that she must first suffer through a series of bad dates with the likes of Ed Helms. In this exclusive clip from the film, you can watch Poehler and Helms go on a disastrous dinner date where they’re clearly on different wavelengths; I mean, the man doesn’t even share her love for fiction books! Press play to enjoy a vast array of perfectly calibrated facial expressions from Amy Poehler, and check out They Came Together in full when it opens in theaters and VOD June 27.

Watch Amy Poehler’s Terrible Date With Ed Helms