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11 Important Lessons You’ll Only Learn From the Kim Kardashian Game

There’s a new game in town, and it might just be more addicting than Candy Crush. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is better than it has any right to be, if I’m being honest. Your main goal is to move your way up the social ladder, with the help of your friend Kim. (Why Kim is helping you is unclear!) The game teaches you lots of important tips on how to rise up to A-List status, and if you’re smart, you might even apply those to your real life. Here’s what I found from my journey:

Always answer the phone when Kim K. calls.

Network with everyone — even lowly (yet strangely well-dressed?) house painters.

(And dental assistants.)

(And home economists.)

(And a depressed podiatrist.)

True love takes time, attention … and a $15 dessert.

When you start off in Los Angeles, you’ll be taking the bus.

“Make-up is the photo shop of real life.” Okay, Kim.

When in doubt, get a pet.

Allow your Cool Dad manager to say whatever wack things he wants.

There’s always money in the fire hydrants. (Also: Behind that bird, in the potted plant, and in the unattended luggage at LAX.)

When in doubt, pick the option that throws shade.

You’ll likely lose the Game through simple sleep deprivation.

Life is about making your way up the List.

(Who knew E-List was even a thing?)

11 Lessons Learned From the Kim Kardashian Game