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Another Character Almost Died on the 24: Live Another Day Finale

Photo: FOX

This post contains spoilers for the 24: Live Another Day finale.

On Monday night’s brutal 24: Live Another Day finale, beloved and long-running character Audrey Boudreau (formerly Raines) was killed. However, in a conversation with Deadline, executive producer Howard Gordon revealed that another even more beloved, even longer-running character was in talks to bite the dust this season. Yup, you know the guy:

We certainly tried out a lot of different endings and we rearranged the furniture every which way in the room. So we knew what it looked like for other characters to have met with different ends and we tried them all on, up to and including Jack himself. This has always been a show that is really about the days and the life of this man and no day is probably as intense as a person’s last day. So killing Jack was something that was intriguing to us all but it had to be done just right. And that didn’t present itself to us.

Anyway, good news for 24 fans skeptical that this truly is the final installment: Jack could very well live for another another day. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but still.


Another Character Almost Died on the 24 Finale