There Are So Many Things Wrong With This Ariana Grande Star Wars Video

Ariana Grande went all Star Wars with her video for “Break Free,” but it’s unclear whether she (or the slew of people likely involved in producing it) has actually ever seen Star Wars. There are a few things that seem … off, including:

  1. While the scroll is understandably timed to the song, it’s still way too fast. 
  2. The color of the fonts the video uses is wrong. The letters in the scroll are a different shade of yellow than in the original. 
  3. Speaking of fonts, the Star Wars scroll is in News Gothic. These letters are not in News Gothic. 
  4. Finally, there are no actual stars in the background of the Star Wars opening crawl. 

Sure, chastise us for being nerdily specific, but if you’re gonna try and do one nerdily specific thing, you better do it right. Or go live with the Ewoks! Meanwhile, we’re not so sure Ariana Grande would last very long out there. Would you be able to understand these lyrics in space?

Fact-Checking Ariana Grande’s Star Wars-y Video