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Brian Williams Reports His Daughter Allison’s Casting in Peter Pan

Brian Williams generally seems to be a pretty cool dad — he raps! He watches his daughter’s sex scenes “with unmitigated joy!” — but even cool dads can be pretty embarrassing sometimes. On tonight’s NBC Nightly News broadcast, Williams shared the news that his daughter, Allison Williams, had been cast as Peter Pan in NBC’s forthcoming Peter Pan Live!, saying, “Family members confirm that she’s been rehearsing for this role since the age of three and they look forward to seeing her fly,” and putting up a photo of a young Allison in a Peter Pan costume. We’d imagine by now that the woman who plays Marnie Michaels is pretty immune to embarrassment (and she did sign on for a live-action Peter Pan telecast, after all) but still. Stop it, daaaaad.

Brian Williams Reports His Daughter’s Casting