Broad City Deserves Emmys. These Emmys.

Critical snubs aside, one of our favorite TV shows this season is not among the nominated, giving us an excuse (ha-ha, as if we needed one) to present Broad City with our own very, very special set of awards. Congratulations, Broad City! Your trophies will be waiting for you.

Most Outstanding Title Credits

Winner: These.

Most Supportive Guest-Star

Winner: Ilana’s magical bra.

Best Performance by a Dog Named After a Noted Daytime Emmy Winner

Winner: Judith Light

Most Appropriate Use of a Webcam

Winner: This inventive sex move right here.

Best “Going-Out Clothes” Costume Design

Winner: That incredible blue dress (and everything Ilana wears).

Most Accurate Portrayal of a Roommate(’s Boyfriend)

Winner: Bevers.

Most Useful and Surprising Couponing Tip

Winner: Abbi’s Bed, Bath & Beyond trick.

Best Use of a Drake Song

Winner: The “Started From the Bottom” bank scene.

Best Evidence That Two Women Don’t Always Have to Feel Threatened by Each Other

Winner: Literally every episode.

Broad City Deserves Emmys. These Emmys.