Where Do Pop Culture’s Finest Redheads Fall on the Redhead Spectrum?

With all the hype prominent ginger Ed Sheeran has gotten over the past few weeks for X, his latest album, we figured it was time to see where he lines up next to other notable pop-culture redheads. Literally — we’re stacking these stars based on how red their hair is. Who’s strawberry-blonde? Who’s radiantly auburn? And which other famous carrot-tops are standing next to those people? We line ’em up and find out.

[Scroll to your right to see the entire spectrum!]

Heights of various leading men

Yes, we realize that some of these redheads are not natural redheads (ahem, Emma Stone). But they’re often described as being redheads, and that counts, we swear.

The Celebrity Redhead Spectrum Is Very, Very Red