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Comic-Con: Channing Tatum Is More Than Just His Looks

Actor Channing Tatum attends the
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The actresses at Comic-Con are used to being treated as mere eye candy, but today, turnabout was fair play at the Fox panel for Book of Life. The Day of the Dead–inspired animated film has a heavily Latino cast that’s toplined by Diego Luna and Zoe Saldana, but Channing Tatum also has a significant role as Luna’s romantic rival, and when the actor took the stage in Hall H for Book of Life’s Q&A, one fan asked Tatum why he’d make any movie that didn’t rely on his handsome mug or chiseled torso.

“You’re known for your good looks and your physicality,” said the man at the microphone. “What is it about just your voice that you felt you could add to this movie?”

Perhaps the question was well-intentioned, but as it hung there, a wave of “oh no, he didn’t” murmurs went through the crowd. Was this dude inadvertently dismissing Tatum as just a pretty face?

“Thanks, man,” Tatum replied, dryly. “Um, they told me that I was going to be able to have an amazing mustache in this movie, and I feel like my voice needs a mustache. That’s it.”

Book of Life producer Guillermo del Toro quickly offered a testimonial on behalf of his star. “He has an incredible, very adorable vulnerability,” said del Toro, as Tatum blushed. “I admire him, also. His stripper career is fantastic. I would have made more money if I’d charged to put my clothes on.”

Just down the dais, Tatum’s co-star Christina Applegate narrowed her eyes at the fan who’d asked the question. “I’m a little offended,” she said, “that you didn’t pose that question to me.”

“Christina, you’re hot,” said the fan, almost too eagerly. “You’re hot.”

“Take your hand out of your pocket when you talk to Christina,” said del Toro.

Channing Tatum Is More Than Just His Looks