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9 TV Questions That Might Get Answered at Comic-Con

Photo: FOX and HBO

Yesterday, we asked a few questions about movies that we’re hoping will be answered at Comic-Con 2014. Today, as the first of so, so many panels begin, running straight through to Sunday, we wanted to pose a handful of the many TV questions we have as well. Weirdly, none of them are about Hodor or Sharknado 2: The Second One. But there are other topics to consider, namely:

Will 20th Century Fox announce the renewal of 24?
Kiefer Sutherland is attending Comic-Con for the first time in a few years, and the panel kicks off right now. How cool will it be for him to see legions of Comic-Con-goers demanding more Bauer? The studio has to know that watching Jack turn himself over to the Russians is not how the world-saving hero goes down for good. We can see it already: 24: Live Another Another Day.

Why aren’t the stars of Hannibal here?
Not a very stellar lineup: creator Bryan Fuller, yes, and, hey, Kids in the Hall’s Scott Thompson, but no Mads Mikkelsen or Hugh Dancy. Huh? What excuse can those two possibly have to skip meeting and greeting their most ardent (read: only) fans? Okay, Hugh is shooting some miniseries with Sam Worthington in Australia. Fine. But Mads?

Will the cast and creatives behind The Walking Dead stop trying to pretend that there won’t be cannibals next season?
Give. It. Up. Yes, spoilers are bad, but it’s pretty darn obvious to anyone who saw the finale — and/or has the internet — that the lady at the grill was barbecuing some tasty leg meat. Let’s drop the act. Coy doesn’t suit a show about zombies anyway.

Here’s hoping Game of Thrones bosses David Benioff and D.B. Weiss come prepared to answer what is sure to be the No. 1 question asked during the fan Q&A. (The No. 2 question, of course, will be, “Kit, can I get a hug?”) Would be cool if someone surprised them by asking about that questionable Jamie-Cersei sex scene, though. We all deserve clarity on that one.

Are Ichabod and Abbie ever going to get it on?
It would be super awkward if the actress playing Ichabod’s wife Katrina were on the Sleepy Hollow panel, but she’s not! And it’s all we want to know.

Will Jax quit SAMCRO for good?
It’s the last season — and likely Comic-Con appearance — for Kurt Sutter and Sons of Anarchy. He probably won’t tell you, but this is all ripped from Hamlet, right? Whether or not he quits, he’s gotta die. Not that Sutter will talk about that. Maybe better to just ask what was up with Gemma forking Tara to death because we’re still not over it.

Where did Ryan Murphy get the idea for Myrtle and that melonballer on American Horror Story: Coven?
You’d have to be real twisted (genius?) to repurpose one of those as an eyeballer.

What’s up with Play It Again, Dick, the Veronica Mars spinoff web series starring Ryan Hansen?
Because we really need to watch it! So hopefully Rob Thomas, appearing at multiple panels, including one promoting the CW’s iZombie, will have some good Hansen-related news for us.

How many times will fans bring up that Tatiana Maslany got snubbed for an Emmy nomination?
We’re placing the over/under at 344 times. And if we were able to attend the Orphan Black panel tomorrow night, we’d make it 345.

9 TV Questions We Want Answered at Comic-Con