Dakota Fanning Is in the Middle of a Scandalous Shower Hookup, Okay?

In the new movie Very Good Girls, Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen play teenage best friends who spend one long, lazy summer seducing the same guy (Boyd Holbrook). Olsen, however, doesn’t realize that Fanning is fooling around with her new beau; Fanning is keeping it a secret from everyone, as you’ll see in this exclusive clip, where she embarks on a scandalous shower hookup with Holbrook even as she carries on a conversation with her mother (Ellen Barkin), who’s just outside the bathroom door. (If you feel bad for Olsen, since her screen BF is secretly canoodling with her screen BFF, know that she won the battle in real life: Olsen and Holbrook got engaged this year after two years of dating.) Very Good Girls is currently available on VOD, and it’ll be out in theaters July 25.

See Dakota Fanning’s Very Good Girls Hookup