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Hollywood’s A-List Ladies, Arranged in a Helpful Graphic From Shortest to Tallest

Last month, with a new movie from the diminutive Kevin Hart in theaters, we cooked up a graphic comparing the heights of Hollywood’s leading men … and now, it’s the women’s turn. We’ve got two comedies in theaters this month starring comediennes near the short and tall ends of our spectrum — that’d be the teeny Melissa McCarthy in Tammy and the towering Cameron Diaz in Sex Tape — so we plopped them on our chart alongside A-list ladies representing each height, as determined by a wealth of online research and the invaluable obsessives at What did we learn? Well, for one thing, the ideal height for a female superstar would appear to be five-foot-seven, since there’s an explosion of bankable ladies clustered at that mark, including Angelina Jolie (pictured on the chart), Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, and Anne Hathaway. But it’s also kind of fun to realize that a coltish newcomer like Shailene Woodley is actually taller than the formidable Jolie, right? And while you always sorta knew that Reese Witherspoon was short, did you realize she was that tiny? Scroll through this chart and embiggen us with your findings and theories down below in the comments.

Hollywood Female Stars, Arranged by Height