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Joan Rivers Angrily Walks Out During CNN Interview

In a taped interview with CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield that ran Saturday, Joan Rivers quit midway, saying, “I really am going, because all you’ve done is negative.” She took out her earpiece and scolded Whitfield, “I made people laugh for fifty years! I was put on earth to make people laugh!” Rivers was on to promote her latest book, Diary of a Mad Diva, when Whitfield pressed the comedian on whether she thinks her own humor is mean and questioned her decision to wear a fur coat on her book cover.

Rivers responded, “Do you wear leather shoes? Then shut up!” Whitfield might have thought that she was just having some lively banter with the octogenarian comedienne, but instead Rivers walked off leaving Whitfield asking, “Was this a stunt?” The incident came a day after Rivers said that she thought President Obama was already our first gay president and that Michelle was “a trans.” Watch the video below and judge for yourself:

Joan Rivers Walks Out During a CNN Interview