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This Is How Justin Bieber Instagrams a Dancing Tom Hanks

Scooter Braun got married this weekend and everyone was there: Carly Rae Jepsen, Ed Sheeran, Sophia Bush, and … Tom Hanks! Why wouldn’t Tom Hanks be there? (I honestly do not know why Tom Hanks was there, but I assume he had a good reason.) And, out of all the celebrities on hand, of course it would be Justin Bieber catching Hanks at one of his danciest moments since Big, Instagramming a video of a yarmulke-wearing Hanks doing his finest “This Is How We Do It.”

Justin toasted his manager, leading the wedding guests in a rendition of “All You Need is Love”:

And then Carly Rae Jepsen joined him for “Call Me Maybe”:

So now we know that a nice fringe benefit of running a teen-idol enterprise is that they’ll perform at your wedding … for free!

Justin Bieber Instagrammed Tom Hanks Dancing