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The Trailer for Kevin Smith’s Tusk Is Kind of Terrifying

Kevin Smith has pulled himself out of the doldrums not just to make Clerks 3, but also Tusk, a horror film about a mad scientist who wants to answer the question, “Is man, indeed, a walrus at heart?!” Originally conceived of as a podcast, Smith wrote the whole thing in 20 days. In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, Smith said that the movie got his creative juices flowing again: “As stoned as I always am, this walrus picture was starting to sound like a worthy endeavor — or at the very least, a movie I’d like to see.” (The piece was taken down because it had too many spoilers, but was cached here. Thanks, internet!) Justin Long plays an intrepid podcaster whose interest in weird adventure tales takes him to the backwoods of Canada and to the home of Howard Howe (played by Michael Parks), the man who tells tall tales. It’s Misery meets a Hammer Horror film.

Kevin Smith’s Tusk Is Kind of Terrifying