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Kim Kardashian’s Many Skills, Explained by Kanye West

In this morning’s GQ Q&A with Kanye West, we learned so many things about dinosaurs and blowfish — but we also learned just how much Kanye adores his new bride. Is it her beauty? Sure. Her fame? Clearly. But what Kanye feels most strongly about are her skills: “In order to win at life, you need some Kim K skills, period.” And where else would you be able to learn some Kim K skills (without having to marry her): Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. So we added some of Kanye’s greatest Kim musings right into the game; they are easily digestible and way less expensive than adopting a pet.

On what Kim taught Kanye:

On Kim’s secrets to success:

On Kim’s “dinosaur” appeal:

On Kim’s social-media strategy:

On Kim being able to live in a highbrow world:

On “the concept of Kimye“:

On Kim’s sex appeal:

And finally, why Kim is truly on the A-List:

Kim K’s Many Skills, Explained by Kanye West