Kramer’s Original First Name Was ‘Conrad,’ and More from ‘Seinfeld’s Lost Episode

Screen Crush has a piece out today diving deep into a lost 1990 episode of Seinfeld, titled “The Bet,” that was canceled during the rehearsal process due to being too controversial. The existence of the dark season two episode, in which Elaine buys a gun to defend herself, has been public knowledge for years, but Screen Crush’s feature includes some new details and an interview with the episode’s writer Larry Charles and director Tom Cherones.

Charles reveals that he had written Kramer’s first name into the script for the first time and that it was Conrad, not Cosmo as it was later revealed in a season six episode. Here’s Charles explaining:

“And that might have been my biggest disappointment [with the episode being canceled] actually. I had given him a first name in that episode and because the episode fell by the wayside, that also fell by the wayside at that time and didn’t come up again until later … It was Conrad. Because I was kind of thinking of Conrad Birdie from Bye Bye Birdie. So, it was Conrad, actually. And then eventually it became Cosmo. I remember feeling mixed feelings because I had named him Conrad. Although, Cosmo is a great name. But Conrad was good, too.”

You can read all about the lost episode via Screen Crush’s piece or this detailed page on the Seinfeld Wiki.

Kramer’s Original First Name Was ‘Conrad,’ and More […]