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The 3 Most Ridiculous Moments From the Under the Dome Season Premiere

Summer’s guiltiest pleasure, Under the Dome, returned to TV last night, and it was as hammy as you remembered it being last year. So many things happened, including: an almost-lynching, a magnetized dome, a mysterious child appearing from the lake, and so many ghosts. Here’s a quick quiz for you:

Which was the Under the Dome season-two premiere’s most ridiculous moment?

Was it when Dodee appeared to Big Jim as a ghost and fingered her bullet hole?

Was it when the dome became magnetic for a short while and poor Officer Linda got caught between a car and its surface like a squashed refrigerator magnet? R.I.P.

Or was it when the episode’s writer, Stephen King, appeared in the local diner to ask for more coffee and then disappeared from the scene forever?

Last Night’s Under the Dome Was Ridiculous