Mike Tyson Made Sure the ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ Comic-Con Panel Was More Ridiculous Than Informative

Mike Tyson Mysteries is undoubtedly the most bizarre-sounding and anticipated upcoming show on Adult Swim, but don’t watch the cast’s Rob Corddry-hosted Comic-Con panel if you’re looking for more details about it. Instead watch it to see Mike Tyson talk about his 2,000 pigeons, confuse the meaning and spelling of many words, mix up Norm Macdonald and Jim Rash’s roles, frequently interrupt his fellow panelists, and be generally ridiculous. At one point an audience member asks Tyson what his favorite Adult Swim show is, to which he replies:

“I don’t know if it’s Adult Swim, but it’s those badass black kids that’s always cursing, which one? I think Eddie Murphy’s involved. Which one is that? Boondocks, yeah. I did watch it, yes I did. I’ve viewed Adult Swim on a few occasions.”

So there you have it: Mike Tyson is a Boondocks fan, he’s very excited about Mike Tyson Mysteries, and he has an “If you don’t fly, you die” policy with his pigeons.

Mike Tyson Made Sure the ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ […]