emmys 2014

Best Actress in an Emmys Nominations Announcement Who Had to Keep Reading the TelePrompTer Even After Her Snub: Mindy Kaling

Endless props to Mindy Kaling, who got the tremendous honor of announcing this year’s Emmy nominations but not the actual honor of receiving one. Who wouldn’t reveal that bit of disappointment on her face when snubbed? But Mindy handled it like a champ — don’t you dare lie and say you’d be as graceful.

The specific moment happens (or, more accurately, doesn’t happen) around 11:57.

Not even a visible flinch:

Meanwhile, Carson Daly went all fist-pump-y when The Voice got the final nomination for Outstanding Reality Competiton Program (which he was, by the way, announcing).

Mindy Kaling Handles Emmys Snub Like a Champ