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Nickelodeon Cancels Ariana Grande’s Sam & Cat

Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/2012 Getty Images

Nickelodeon finally cut the cord of its ratings draw Sam & Cat, which went on “permanent hiatus” back in April. Episode #36, “Getting Wiggy,” set to air on Thursday, will be the series finale. The show fused the star power of two Nickelodeon stalwarts: iCarly’s Sam Puckett played by Jennette McCurdy and Victorious’s Cat Valentine played by Ariana Grande. However, there were reports of discord on set between the network and besties Jennette and Ariana. An anonymous source told The Wrap, “They [Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy] are both 21 and are pursuing successful new paths in their careers.” This is certainly true for Ariana for whom the tween show was becoming a hindrance to her diva aspirations. She might have 99 problems, but Nickelodeon is no longer one.