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‘You’re Not Frank’: See a Tense Teaser From the Outlander Premiere Episode

If you’re the sort of TV viewer who has disregarded everything Starz has done since it stupidly cancelled Party Down, you might want to give the premium-cable network another shot with Outlander. Adapted by Battlestar Galactica honcho Ronald D. Moore from Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling series of novels, the show (debuting August 9) follows Claire Randall, an Englishwoman inexplicably transported from the 1940s to 18th-century Scotland, where she encounters bearded kilt-wearers, bawdy Gaelic humor, and way more gore than you’d ever expect to see on a program that, in less-creative hands, could easily have been a mawkish bodice-ripper. In this exclusive clip that takes place moments after Claire wakes up in the Highlands in the 1700s, Claire runs into the nefarious British redcoat Captain Jack Randall, who just happens to be a direct ancestor of (and dead ringer for) her 1940s-husband, Frank. Things get tense!

Outlander Clip: Claire Meets Black Jack Randall