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Quiz: Is This the Title of a Rom-Com, or a Common Cliché?

The third rule of rom-coms, after “they have to hate each other at first” and “there has to be a wacky best friend,” is “its title has to be a cliché.” So on the occasion of And So It Goes, the new cliché-happy rom-com starring Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas, Vulture has a challenge for you: Can you distinguish a rom-com title from a regular old cliché? Take our quiz and find out. (Related: Do you need a title for your rom-com? Suggestions below.)

Rom-Com Movie Title or Common Cliché?

As Good As It Gets
Get Over It
Fishing for Compliments
For Crying Out Loud
All Dressed Up (and Nowhere to Go)
Just Go With It
When It Rains, It Pours
Something's Gotta Give
I Beg To Differ
When in Rome
What Happens in Vegas
Fools Rush In
Never Hurts to Try
Whatever It Takes
Two of a Kind
Because I Said So
Ignorance Is Bliss

Quiz: Is This a Rom-Com Title or a Cliché?