This Is Definitely One of the Weirdest Things Robin Wright Has Ever Done

Robin Wright has had a lot of good parts over the course of her career — whether it’s Kevin Spacey’s coolly conniving House of Cards wife, Forrest Gump’s soul-searching Jenny, or the lovely title character in The Princess Bride — but Ari Folman’s new film The Congress gives Wright the role she was born to play — literally. In The Congress, Wright stars as Robin Wright, satirizing herself as an aging actress who decides to embrace screen immortality by selling her digital likeness to a Hollywood studio. The agreement means that Wright can now be “cast” in any film the studio wants, and over the next two decades, the studio’s head animator (played by Jon Hamm) puts Wright in the big-budget blockbusters she’d largely eschewed in favor of indie movies. If that premise sounds more than a little bit trippy, we haven’t even gotten to the part where Robin Wright and Jon Hamm have cartoon sex. Suffice it to say, The Congress is a film that doesn’t resemble anything you’ve seen before, and you’ll get a little glimpse of the weirdness in this exclusive clip where Wright begins her image transfer; the movie is on iTunes/VOD today and in theaters August 29.

See Robin Wright Acting Weird in The Congress