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See Nicki Minaj As a Four-Armed Cartoon Giant on Steven Universe

Nicki Minaj will guest-star on Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe, an animated series about a boy named Steven who joins three women as guardians of the galaxy. Nicki Minaj will voice Sugilite, a powerful four-armed giantess formed when two other characters — Garnet and Amethyst — fuse together. (It’s like Transformers, only with gem-powered heroines.) She’s got way too many eyes, a lot of sass, and an awesome weapon that’s a wrecking ball in the shape of a fist. When she comes together, she says, “I forgot how great it feels to be me.” You can watch the entire episode when it airs on Thursday, August 21, on Cartoon Network, but for now, you can enjoy the clip below when Sugilite makes her grand entrance.

See Nicki Minaj As a Four-Armed Cartoon Giant