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Are You a Seinfeld Trivia Whiz? Take This Superfan Quiz

Photo: Maya Robinson and Photo by NBC

Though its truncated first season didn’t air until summer 1990, Seinfeld’s pilot (not to be confused with fourth-season finale “The Pilot), “The Seinfeld Chronicles” (alternately known as “Good News, Bad News”), inconspicuously premiered on NBC 25 years ago this week. Little did the Peacock Network know that eponymous star Jerry Seinfeld and his co-creator Larry David’s little “show about nothing” would become their benchmark sitcom for the next decade, redefining primetime comedy in the process. Accordingly, few series prior or since have elicited such loyal trivia-buff obsession. But before you get too big for your Kramer-inspired, boxer-free britches, see how you stand up to our Seinfeld superfan quiz.

How Well Do You Know Seinfeld?

What Manhattan neighborhood did Jerry reside in?
Which Seinfeld writer voiced George Steinbrenner on and off from seasons five through nine?
Guest-star Teri Hatcher’s breasts, as confirmed by her character Sidra in season four’s “The Implant,” were not only real, but …
In season six’s “The Doorman,” Frank Costanza wants to name the chest-support garment he and Kramer invent “the Manssiere,” but Kramer prefers…
Which of these occupations did George’s alias, Art Vandelay, NOT purport to peddle in?
The Tao of Jerry: Newman is the _________ to his Superman.
The last Seinfeld episode written or co-written by Larry David was …
In later seasons, Kramer frequently sought the counsel of an excitable attorney who parodied which member of O.J. Simpson’s defense team?
Elaine’s preferred “big salad” is, per her illustration, like a salad, “only bigger, ________.”
Elaine has many talents, including copyediting and recreational skiing. But, as we learn in season eight’s “The Little Kicks,” this skill is not one of them.
Midway through season eight, Kramer lost plenty of sleep, thanks to this fledgling fast-food chain’s giant neon sign:
This future primetime TV star landed an early role as a neo-Nazi in season three’s “The Limo.”
In season four’s “The Cheever Letters,” what article of clothing did Jerry inquire about during dirty talk with girlfriend Sandra?
Jerry loves being friends with famous ex–New York Met Keith Hernandez, but balks at Hernandez’s request to …
Which Pendant Publishing officemate did George sleep with, leading to his eventual firing in season three’s “The Red Dot”?
Cosmo: Kramer
_____: Seinfeld
Season two’s “The Jacket” concludes with Elaine’s hardass father humming a show tune from which Broadway smash?
Hear ye, hear ye! It’s a Festivus for …
Yes, Susan dies at the end of season seven’s “The Invitations,” but Jerry also meets his exact female counterpart, played by this comedic actress.
Season four’s “The Bubble Boy” featured which Caddyshack co-star as the titular immune-deficient teenager’s father?
Actress Kristin Bauer van Straten, whose “man hands” freaked Jerry out in season eight’s “The Bizarro Jerry,” later scared innumerable men half to death as Pam on which hit series?
While dining at Mendy’s in season six’s “The Soup,” Jerry’s stand-up nemesis, Kenny Bania, raves that they make the best _____ in the city.
Kramer rescued the set of which talk show from a dumpster?
Faced with the possible shortage of one of her favorite products, Elaine started using this term when assessing potential suitors:
In season four’s landmark “The Contest,” Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer sealed their wager with…
Future Entourage barker Jeremy Piven portrayed an actor named ________, who is cast as George in “The Pilot.”
Part Two of penultimate series installment “The Chronicle” featured a montage set to the following pop song:
How many multiple-part episodes did Seinfeld air?
Elaine’s jazz-saxophonist beau John Jermaine won’t perform what intimate act?
In the season-five finale, “The Opposite,” Kramer dubs Jerry “Even Steven.” Elaine tests his theory by throwing what denomination of Jerry’s money out the window?
Which of Jerry’s relatives never appears on-screen?
Jason Alexander assumed he’d never get the part of George since this real-life friend of Jerry’s was in the mix.
This recurring Seinfeldian foil did NOT appear in “The Finale.”
The Tao of Jerry, re: guilty pleasure Melrose Place: “Oh, that _____, she just makes me so mad!”
Midway through season eight, Kramer gets involved with a street gang whose namesake is which 19th century U.S. president?
Mark Metcalf, who played season seven’s titular “Maestro,” famously appeared in a 1980s music video by what hair-metal band?
Jerry was incredulous at season-six guest-star Mel Torme’s coy nickname, which was …
Susan got fired from NBC when …
The Tao of Jerry: “Who figures an immigrant’s gonna have a _____?”
What season-two Seinfeld episode’s plot did Jerry illustrate while pitching NBC execs in season four’s “The Virgin”?
Season nine’s “The Burning” finds Kramer and his pal Mickey battling over ownership of which STD?
Which of these phony movie titles was never uttered in a Seinfeld episode?
Kramer gets in a tizzy when Calvin Klein steals his idea for The Beach cologne and rechristens it as …
Paul Thomas Anderson regular Philip Baker Hall, playing no-nonsense Lt. Bookman, came down on “joy boy” Jerry in season three’s “The Library” for overdue charges on what notorious 1930s novel?
While taking a stab at Hollywood in season four’s two-parter “The Trip,” Kramer tries to persuade this former kid star to read his script.
Where is Kramer alias Dr. Van Nostrand’s Hoffermandoff New York Clinic located?
The Tao of Jerry: “I’m not an orgy guy! I’d have to grow a mustache and get all kinds of _________.”
Curb Your Enthusiasm’s 2009 Seinfeld “reunion” revealed that George gained fame for an app called iToilet. This was presaged in season two’s “The Busboy,” when George raved about which New York arts institution’s “magnificent facilities”?
The Tao of George, re: rude theatergoers in “The Opposite”: “If I have to tell you again, we’re gonna take it outside, and I’m gonna _________!”
As a callback to the pilot, Jerry and George’s concluding conversation in “The Finale” meditates on the placement of which crucial men’s shirt button?

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