The 9 Best ‘Nathan For You’ Stunts From Season 1

After over an over-a-year-long break, Nathan For You returns to Comedy Central tonight with the premiere of its second season, and to get back in the docu-comedy series’ groove, we’ve compiled a list of Nathan Fielder’s top nine stunts from season one. From inventing a poo-tasting ice cream flavor to setting up his own dating-reality show called The Hunk, Fielder is constantly pushing himself to top himself by making his show as funny and uncomfortable as it can be.

Check out a collection of the best of Season 1 below:

Gas Station Rebate

Nathan spent an episode pushing the limits of what a group of people will do to receive a free gas rebate from a gas station, requiring everyone to climb a mountain and spend the night there, but the craziest part of an episode is definitely this gas station manager’s confession at the very end.

Catching a Vandal

Nathan does whatever it takes to teach a graffiti artist a valuable lesson.

Summer Santa

Even when the mall refuses his entry, Nathan makes sure kids don’t miss out on Santa. Even in the summer.

Private Investigator

Nathan does what he can to outsmart a private investigator.

Haunted House

Nathan injects real fear into a failing haunted house.

The Claw of Shame

With an audience of kids watching, Nathan risks a lifetime on the sex-offender’s registry by taking part in an elaborate escape act.

Blind Date at Quiznos

Proving that he’s just as compassionate as he is brilliant, Nathan sets up one of his staff members on a Quiznos sponsored blind date.

The Hunk

Nathan goes to great lengths to get a date, concluding in a Bachelor-esque reality dating show of his own, The Hunk.

Failing Businesses

Sometimes the best stunts are the ones that crash and burn.

The 9 Best ‘Nathan For You’ Stunts From Season 1