The Bitter and Acerbic Highlights of Andy Kindler’s Just For Laughs Keynote Speech

Another standing-room only crowd, including some of the biggest names in comedy, came out Friday afternoon at the 2014 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal for Andy Kindler’s 19th State of the Industry address, in which the long-time alternative comic burns bridges from his safe position on Hollywood’s periphery, as Kindler himself would likely acknowledge.

Kindler went after his usual targets, including himself, Jay Leno, Bill Maher, Jimmy Fallon and Adam Sandler, but he saved the brunt of his ire for former Opie and Anthony host Anthony Cumia, who was fired from SiriusXM recently after hurling off a series of racially insensitive tweets. The Cumia rant made for some awkward moments, but that’s never stopped Kindler before. It wouldn’t be a State of the Industry address without them.

Actor and comedian T.J. Miller had the honor of introducing Kindler, and described the impact Kindler’s had on young comedians.

“I owe my entire career to Andy Kindler. Every comic does,” Miller said. “Because he’s a comic’s comic but beyond that he’s a failure on a massive level.”

SiriusXM recorded the one-hour speech. Listen to it below.

Here are some of Kindler’s highlights:

-On Last Comic Standing judge Russell Peters: “They say Russell Peters is huge in India, so is famine…”

-On Craig Ferguson: “I’m gonna miss Craig Ferguson. I can’t believe I know he was even on the air and now he’s gone. We hardly knew he was talented and now he’s gone.”

-On Ricky Gervais: “How much is Netflix without Derek? When I see Ricky Gervais, know what I want to do? Not watch him.”

-On longtime comedy agent Barry Katz: “When we all got into comedy, we all hoped that one day Barry Katz would have a podcast… It’s an insider’s look at the biz when he explores such topics as double dipping, how going with your heart is a sucker’s game, and quote ‘executive producer’ unquote.”

-On Louis C.K. casting a black actress as his wife on this season of Louie when in past seasons she was white: “Next year, Louie’s wife is going to be a throw pillow. Next year a small bird is going to play the part of Louie.”

-On himself: “I want to congratulate the Variety 10 Comics to Watch. I’m on Variety’s 10 Comics to Deathwatch list… I just got back from a meeting at the 56K modem channel.”

The Bitter and Acerbic Highlights of Andy Kindler’s […]