‘The Simpsons’ Are Crossing Over with Basically Every Other Fox Cartoon This Season

Over the course of last year, several big events slated for the 26th season of The Simpsons were revealed including a Futurama crossover episode, a Family Guy crossover episode, and the death of a character who has appeared on the show at least twice. At TCA over the weekend, a few more details were revealed about all three events, including that the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode – which will air as Family Guy’s season premiere on September 28th – will also cross over into Bob’s Burgers territory. From EW:

In addition to featuring Homer, his family, and various Springfield residents, Family Guy will include a cameo by Bob from Bob’s Burgers, according to Family Guy executive producer Rich Appel. While the episode was written solely by the Family Guy team, the Simpsons producers and writers were invited to the table read of the script and offered a chance to give input. “We sent them the script, and I think between Jim [Brooks], Matt [Groening] and Al [Jean], they had one or two lines in the hourlong episode they asked to tweak,” said Appel. “They gave us free rein.”

Also airing on September 28th will be the season 26 premiere of The Simpsons called “Clown in the Dumps,” which will feature the killing off of a character who longtime Simpsons showrunner Al Jean told EW last year would be someone who has appeared in at least two episodes and earned an Emmy for the role. (He also revealed over the weekend that the character might return in flashback or ghost form after dying.) On November 9th, The Simpsons will do yet another crossover episode with Futurama called “Simpsorama” featuring the voice talents of Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, Phil LaMarr, Lauren Tom, Maurice LaMarche, and Simpsons voice regular Tress MacNeille. According to EW, the episode follows Bender as he “travels back in time to kill Bart because Bart does something in the present that has terrible consequences for the future.”

‘The Simpsons’ Are Crossing Over with Basically Every […]