Here Is Even More Shirtless Theo James From Divergent, Just for You

Vulture is debuting an exclusive featurette from the home-video release of Divergent, and we’d like you to know that it involves talking. As people talk, you will learn how the art department came up with the tattoos that covered the back of Dauntless hero Four, and how a team of craftsmen painstakingly applied those designs to Theo James. We’re telling you about the talking in advance, dear reader, because once you press play on this video, you might not hear any of it. You may, in fact, find yourself far too distracted by the many shots of James and his shirtless, muscular back to even realize that the participants in this video are speaking English. (We ran this video by one swoon-immune co-worker just to check, and yes, it seems that these people are indeed speaking English. You know, just in case you needed to know for your notes.) We don’t know whether you’ll find more of this sort of thing in the plentiful bonus materials for Divergent (out on Digital HD on July 22 and Blu-Ray/DVD on August 5); we can only give you this right now, and ask you whether your day has improved accordingly.

See More Shirtless Theo James From Divergent