Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant Look Back at ‘Reno 911!’ and a Possible Distant-Future Reunion

Entertainment Weekly ran an interview with Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant yesterday all about their beloved Comedy Central series Reno 911!, from the “Naked Jamaican” idea that didn’t pan out to the movie sequel that never happened to which sketch is now used in an LA police training video. At the end of the interview they were both asked about the possibility of bringing back the show in some form – Lennon says they’ve had casual talks with Netflix in the past – and here’s what Garant had to say of the idea:

It’s not a hard show to do. There’s a reunion that you can see online of The Andy Griffith Show—the tone of it is really funny. They’re all really old, and they’re sitting up in this panel giving this really heartfelt discussion, but they’re in character. It’s really weird. I think I would love to do a show like that years and years and years in the future—that we’re still doing it, that you’re catching up on us. We never went anywhere, it’s just the documentary crew went away.

Considering all the top-notch talent to show up on Reno 911! during its run from 2003-2009, any possibility of a reunion is a good one – even if we have to wait until the entire cast becomes a bunch of old people.

Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant Look Back at ‘Reno 911!’ […]