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We’re Starting a TV Advice Column — and We Need Your Questions

On Wednesday, July 9, Vulture will unveil a new recurring advice column in which Margaret Lyons (@margeincharge) will answer your television questions. Your co-workers are all obsessed with The Bachelorette — is it really worth watching just to join in on the chitchat? You’re never going to watch all six seasons of The Sopranos, but are there five episodes you should see just to meet the minimum cultural requirements? You love a good creepy murderer show, and you’ve seen The Killing, Broadchurch, and The Fall; what should you watch next? Whatever your television-related quandary, Margaret, is here to help.

Now we need your assistance: What TV mysteries are lingering in your heart? What longstanding argument can we settle? What obscure theory do you need help advancing? Bring on the questions! You can leave them here in the comments section, or tweet them at Vulture (@vulture). We look forward to being of service.

Send Questions for Our New TV Advice Column