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The Walking Dead’s New Season Looks As Gory As Ever

The Walking Dead returns for its fifth season this fall, and AMC has released a pretty meaty trailer of what’s to come. More happens in this trailer than in the entire season everyone was at that dumb farmhouse. When we last saw some of our intrepid survivors, they had arrived at Terminus — and they were starting to realize it wasn’t the safe haven they’d hoped for. (It is, however, an apparent cannibal enclave.) Season five seems to pick up shortly thereafter, with Rick continuing to survive repeated head traumas, Abraham’s mustache defying science and somehow becoming bushier, and Carl still wearing his ratty sheriff hat. There’s also an extra-droopy Walker at 2:14, just in case their decayed flesh had so far seemed too firm; plus, this teaser earns bonus points for including a zombie with what appear to be eyeglasses. October 12, friends!

The Walking Dead Looks As Gory As Ever