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See the Visually Striking Trailer for Young Ones, With Michael Shannon and Elle Fanning

Comic-Con starts up this weekend with a full roster of megabudget spectaculars on display, but spare a moment for another sci-fi movie coming out soon that cost a lot less but still looks like a million bucks. Directed by Jake Paltrow (yes, you’ve heard of his sister), the dystopian Young Ones takes place in a future that’s almost totally devoid of water, which makes farming a difficult task for hardened frontiersman Michael Shannon and his two children, played Elle Fanning and Kodi Smit-McPhee. Once Fanning’s boyfriend Nicholas Hoult sets his sights on stealing Shannon’s land, the stage is set for all the characters to clash, and they pursue their agendas in a visually stunning, barren futurescape that’s shown off to great effect in this exclusive new trailer. Robots! Electronic spinal cords! Nifty, low-tech face masks! This rather different sci-fi Western arrives in theaters on October 17, so save the date.

See the Visually Striking Trailer for Young Ones