The Best Parts of the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Were the Audience Live-Cams

Another MTV VMAs in the books, everyone. There was less twerking this year, and exactly zero racially fraught performances. That’s nice! (Also, no one got ice water dumped on their heads.) But you know what celebrities probably didn’t love? The multiple online live-cams MTV aimed directly at their seats for the entirety of the show. Because aside from whatever we got onstage, we also got a full account of all the side-eyes, blank stares, and bored texting. It was great, and it, as expected, made for some wonderful GIFs. Here’s your rundown:

Nicki’s first performance, “Anaconda,” was fulla booty.

Then she literally lost her clothes.

When Lorde won Best Rock Video, it was actually her BFF Taylor Swift who was most excited.

Speaking of Taylor, she was really into dancing tonight. (Like every other night of every other awards show she’s ever been to.)

Other audience members that were worth watching? The Kardashians, who did a little chatting during Kim BFF Sam Smith’s performance …

… and then spent the rest of their time looking at their cell phones.

(But they weren’t really alone, were they?)

You know who was on fire with the shade? J.Lo. Watch this:

And this shot, during Nicki’s “Anaconda” performance:

Notice that lots of these GIFs are from MTV’s “audience cam”? That’s because it was the best, all night. Look at Katy Perry’s date Riff Raff being straight-up ignored:

And Miley shedding tears over her homeless friend Jesse’s award acceptance. (Well, her award, but still.)

But clearly, the show belonged to Beyoncé …

… and her daughter, Blue Ivy.

The Best Parts of the VMAs Were the Live Cams