Amy Sedaris on Colbert: ‘He Has This Whole Bag of Tricks People Haven’t Even Seen Yet’

“Well, he’s got that Southern charm. He’s genuinely interested. He’s engaging. He’s a very positive person. He can see the good in everything. I think he’ll go to that other character that he plays on that show because that’s part of him, too. He’ll mix it. But once you’re out there and there’s a live audience, everyone’s playing a different version of themselves. You know? There’s a camera in front of you. There’s an audience. You automatically are different. I just think people will see this other side to him, because he has this whole bag of tricks people haven’t even seen yet.”

- Amy Sedaris – current star of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman and longtime friend and collaborator of Stephen Colbert – talks about Colbert’s upcoming takeover of Late Show in a new interview with The Daily Beast.

Amy Sedaris on Colbert: ‘He Has This Whole Bag of […]