See Amy Poehler’s Excellent Side-Eye in Matthew Weiner’s New Movie

We know that Amy Poehler can play sweet and idealistic from Parks and Recreation, but what we shouldn’t forget is that, when the time comes for it, Amy Poehler can still serve massive amounts of highly targeted shade. That particular skill set of hers is well utilized in this exclusive clip from Are You Here, the new film written and directed by Mad Men mastermind Matthew Weiner (out August 22), where Poehler plays sister to offbeat man-child Zach Galifianakis. After their father passes away, Galifianakis returns home with his caddish friend (played by Owen Wilson) in tow, and all three of them meet up to discuss the terms of the man’s will … joined, much to Poehler’s dismay, by the fetching Amish widow her late father left behind. Watch the side-eye Amy shoots her way in this clip, and marvel.

See Amy Poehler’s Side-Eye in Are You Here