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Carrie Ditches Baby, Heads Back to the Middle East in New Homeland Trailer

Homeland returns October 5, and now Showtime has released the first trailer for the upcoming fourth season, which has Carrie and the gang headed to the Middle East for some Brody-free espionage. Despite the new setting and a few new characters — welcome, stressed out Corey Stoll! — it looks like everyone is mostly back to their old tricks: Quinn is still broody and racked with self-doubt, Saul is still gloomy and muttering vague euphemisms like “tyranny of secrets,” and Carrie is still lying to her loved ones and sacrificing her personal life in the name of national security. “I told you they’re sending me back, I don’t have a choice,” she tells her sister Maggie, as they flash to a photo of her holding her new baby. “I don’t believe you,” Maggie responds. Classic Carrie!

Carrie Ditches Baby in New Homeland Trailer