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Dan Harmon Has a Bad Case of the Mondays in This Community Season 5 DVD Extra

The fifth season of Community brought the comedy back into creator Dan Harmon’s warm embrace, and also got the show canceled by NBC — but that just allowed its subsequent pickup by Yahoo to make that whole “six seasons and a movie” thing more dramatic. The fifth season arrives on DVD tomorrow, and along with the 13 episodes and associated commentary by cast and crew, fans who pony up will receive two featurettes: “Re-Animating the ’80s,” which examines how Harmon and company made the “G.I. Jeff” episode; and the 42-minute “Advanced Television Production: 5 Days, 2 Scripts, No Sleep,” which follows Harmon as he juggles his showrunner duties with writing two full scripts in less than a week.

In the clip here, Harmon breaks down why green-lighting another Dungeons & Dragons–related episode before having the plot mapped out was a bad idea for him, the writing staff, and his girlfriend.

Dan Harmon Is Tired in This Community S5 Extra