Donald Glover Is Going to Play Spider-Man (in a Cartoon, But Still)

Way back in the distant past (2010), millennial Renaissance man Donald Glover mentioned that he’d like to play Spider-Man when Sony relaunched the movie franchise, and the internet came forth to endorse the idea using the now-famous “#donald4spiderman” hashtag. Alas, the movement failed … or did it? Word came down this morning that Glover will appear on a dimension-hopping episode of Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, and he’ll be playing half-black, half-Hispanic Spider-Man Miles Morales. The character made his debut in Marvel Comics’ so-called “Ultimate Universe” line of comics in 2011 (they’re set in a parallel universe in which Peter Parker died in the line of battle), and has been a fan favorite ever since. Check out this clip to get a taste of the sweet #donald4spiderman action.

Donald Glover Will Be Spider-Man (in a Cartoon)