Here’s What Elisabeth Moss Had to Say About Joining True Detective

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 05: Actor Elisabeth Moss attends
Elisabeth Moss. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Will Elisabeth Moss ever take on a project that she can speak freely about without fear of spoilers? The Mad Men actress is already sworn to secrecy about her AMC series, and even her new romantic dramedy, The One I Love, has a major plot twist that she’s forbidden to reveal. With that in mind, then, we knew that Moss would be cagey by default about the new project she’s been linked to — the second season of True Detective — and sure enough, when we spied her last night at a Peggy Siegal–hosted screening of The One I Love and asked her if she’d been cast in the HBO show, she handled our questions like a pro. “I am very, very flattered that anyone is associating my name with that show,” Moss said, allowing a small smile. “It’s a brilliant show, they did such a good job with it. HBO always does good stuff. The best. That’s all I can say.” Moss was willing to say just a little bit more about whether Peggy gets a happy ending on Mad Men, since she just wrapped filming on the final season (which will air next year). “I don’t know what everyone wants her to have, but I am very, very, very happy,” she said. That means Peggy won’t die or anything, right? “I’m not going to tell you what happens!” laughed Moss. “That’s a total trick question! You’ll have to live in fear. I can’t help you, bye.”

Elisabeth Moss Talks True Detective, Somewhat