New Pictures of Nikki Finke Emerge, Prove She’s Just a Person Like You and Me

In June, Hollywood journalist Nikki Finke launched an eponymous website following her drama-filled departure from Last week, BuzzFeed reported that was on the verge of shuttering following demands from lawyers representing her former employer, Penske Media Corporation, which owns Deadline in addition to Variety. Much schadenfreude was had. As we wrote last November, a new confirmed photo of Finke has not been published since 2008, which is bizarre because she lives in Los Angeles, a city that happens to be full of photographers both professional and amateur. People want to know what Finke looks like these days because she has terrorized Hollywood for years, and when someone yells at you on the phone, you want to have a picture of her in your mind. One must know the face of the enemy. So: A new, childishly named site has arisen with what it purports to be brand-new photos of Finke emerging from her apartment building. The Hollywood Reporter cites two sources who support the site’s claim that this is Finke in the flesh. So, this is apparently Nikki Finke. Happy?

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New Pictures of Nikki Finke Emerge